12. Dezember 2023

Team Event: Growth Through Values and Connection

Article by Emma Eriksson

The Nordic Minds Team in Hamburg

Our Nordic Minds team event 2023 took place in Hamburg, where our head office is located. It was exciting to finally meet the entire diverse team that spans Sweden, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the U.S. The three days at the end of November were filled with storytelling, engaging discussions, city exploration, invigorating exercise, and plenty of laughter.

To me, it was especially great to experience in person how Nordic Minds embodies the values it stands for – values that establish a unique work environment, foster a sense of belonging, and encourage open communication among team members. These values, with a focus on collaboration and equity, form the bedrock of a truly inclusive culture.

As a young professional navigating the working world, being immersed in such an environment contributes to both individual and organizational growth.

On Friday in the office, we discussed the significance of the human touch in modern recruitment. Will Artificial Intelligence eventually replace human recruiters? The answer is no. Particularly not if they are following the Nordic Minds approach.

Of course, large language models and AI can streamline and enhance some processes, but when we look beyond the algorithms – at tasks such as building relationships, understanding true cultural fits, and creatively approaching challenges from different perspectives – these key aspects need the human touch of recruiters.

Exchanging thoughts, sharing ideas, and inspiring one another is not only necessary for organizational development, but also crucial for individual growth. Building relationships and nurturing a supportive environment require the essence of the human touch. A quality that defines each of Nordic Minds' interactions.


Building Connections Beyond Work

On Saturday, we explored Hamburg's hidden gems in unique VW Bullis with Waterkant Touren. Unlike typical sightseeing tours, this authentic experience showed us the city from different angles. Our journey included a stop at a bridge in the Hafencity for a delightful picnic. The evening unfolded with a wine tasting and a cozy dinner. It was special to get to know each other better beyond the confines of our day-to-day work.

Sunday morning kicked off with a workout at 10 AM. Paired up with Christopher, I found a surprising knack for push-ups. Coach Gavin led the energetic session, keeping the team in high spirits. With our time in Hamburg dwindling, we wrapped up our team event with handmade pizzas.


Valuing Every Voice: Nordic Company Culture

Throughout the weekend, I noticed a remarkable level of trust among the team members. Within our intergenerational company culture, each individual knows their opinions are genuinely valued.

The Nordic emphasis on promoting a flat organizational structure and minimizing hierarchies encourages the exchange of diverse perspectives. Whether in person or behind a screen, this environment encourages active contribution in idea-sharing and decision-making processes.

For me, the trip to Hamburg highlighted the trust and transparency that define Nordic Minds. Our Nordic values hold strong and foster both personal and organizational growth. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of this special experience and journey with Nordic Minds.